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  • The crankshaft in the engine has the task of converting the up and down movement of the pistons into a rotary motion with the aid of the connecting rods. This torque is transmitted to the flywheel.
  • Two types of crankshaft are produced, cast and forged, with integrated or bolted-on counterweights. The pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft together form the crank mechanism.
  • To ensure high quality standards, most BF crankshafts are produced on own tools and are subject to stringent checks.
  • Owing to the high levels of stress common in the utility vehicle sector, BF follows OE specifications and offers a range comprising almost entirely forged crankshafts.
  • To preserve the durability of newly installed crankshafts, we recommended replacing the following parts at the same time:
  • Main bearing shells
    • Main bearing bolts
    • Connecting rod bearing shells
    • Connecting rod bearing bolts
    • Gasket set