Glow Plugs

Specific features, advanced technology

The first BERU glow plug was developed in 1929 and has since led the market with numerous patented innovations: from the High-tech Steel Glow Plug and Commercial and Industrial applications glow plugs to the latest examples, the innovative Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG) and the heat-resistant Ceramic Glow Plug (CGP).

Today the wide range of BERU glow plugs for diesel engines offers 8 types of glow plugs each fitted with specific features and German technology that will offer an ideal start.


Pressure Sensor Glow Plug (PSG)

Optimised combustion performance results and miniaturised electronics result in the ideal glow plug for a reduced particle emission.


Ceramic Glow Plug (CGP)

Beru delivers a tailored response to the high requirements made on modern diesel engines. Durable, fast and optimised Ceramic Glow Plugs.


High-tech Steel Glow Plugs

Two- and Three-phase Cold-Starting Technologies find their tailored solutions with the BERU High-Tech Steel Glow Plugs (GV, GE, GN)


Commercial Vehicles Glow Plugs

The BERU expertise and German technology brought together the ideal cold-starting solution for commercial vehicles and industrial applications.