Water pumps mechanical

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A pump is required for transporting the cooling liquid. This water pump – also known as "coolant pump" – circulates the cooling liquid around a closed circuit. Mechanical water pumps are located either externally in their own pump housing or are flanged directly on the crankcase depending on the design. They are usually driven directly by the engine.

A mixture of water, glycol and different additives is used as cooling liquid. 

Type of drive

  • The water pumps are driven via V-belts, poly-rib V-belts or gears depending on the installation location on the engine. This is achieved either via the toothed belt of the camshaft control system, or via the V-belt or ribbed V-belt of the crankshaft.

  • Mechanical water pumps for utility vehicles are driven by the crankshaft via V-belts, poly-rib V-belt or gears.

  • If the pulley is not already part of the pump, it must be screwed to the flange of the drive shaft.