Radiator & Expansion Tank Caps

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Radiator Caps

The radiator cap keeps the engine cool by sealing and pressurizing the coolant inside it. The pressure/radiator cap is responsible for releasing excess pressure in the cooling system. When the pressure reaches a predetermined threshold, the pressure pushes the valve open, allowing vapour to escape from the cooling system. Many of our radiator caps are available with a safety lever that locks the cap in place, and can be lifted to cause the cooling system to release pressure.

MotoRad offers the largest line of automotive radiator caps for use in almost every application — both on and off the road. With over 60 different caps, including 10 safety lever caps, MotoRad® brand or private label, are the preferred choice of most car experts. MotoRad radiator caps are a natural fit with our thermostat product line.

Our radiator caps offer precise pressure control and employ high-quality materials for long-lasting durability. We also produce specialized pressure caps that hold from zero pressure to over 30 PSI/2.2 bar, which are integrated in racing applications.

MotoRad radiator pressure caps are designed and manufactured in accordance with the highest auto industry standards and offer advanced features to meet aftermarket requirements.

Expansion Tank Caps

The coolant reservoir serves a dual purpose to allow room for coolant to expand and to hold reserves. As the engine temperature rises and the coolant heats up, it expands, which causes it to become highly pressurized. This piping hot coolant is sent to the radiator to be cooled. As it expands, the overflow is held in the coolant reservoir. Radiator overflow tanks have a removable cap, which allows coolant to be added to the system when low. The majority of coolant recovery tanks have a line that indicates the appropriate level for the coolant. Above the line indicates enough coolant in the system; below the line indicates not enough coolant, which puts the vehicle’s engine at risk of overheating.

Motorad offers a broad line of reserve tank caps.