Fuel Supply

Hitachi is an OE manufacturer of fuel pumps

Electric fuel pumps and fuel delivery modules

Fuel pumps are a device to draw fuel from a fuel tank and to deliver it to the injectors.

In the early stages of electronic fuel injection systems, fuel pumps were out-of tank, in-line type which installed outside of the fuel tank. From about 40 years ago in-tank type pump which installed inside of the tank became the mainstream.

Currently module type that integrates not only a pump but also a fuel flow rate detection device as a potentiometer or a float arm, a fuel filter and even a pressure regulator that regulates the fuel pressure is the mainstream.

Fuel Injector

It is a device to inject the fuel supplied from a fuel pump to the cylinders.
A fuel injector is an actuator installed to an intake manifold of an engine and injects
the fuel supplied by a fuel pump. The injected fuel is mixed with the intake air and introduced into the cylinders to generate engine output through combustion process.

High Pressure Pump

The high pressure pump is specially designed to improve charging efficiency and anti-knock performance by injecting gasoline directly into the cylinder. It compresses fuel to a high pressure and supplies it to the injector according to the demands of the electronic control unit. The flow control solenoid valve has a unique structure and is used to achieve both industry-leading quietness and a large flow rate. In addition, we have achieved the smallest height in the industry through a unique internal configuration, resulting in a superior design for mounting.