Air control valves

Market leading products

Throttle valves (for petrol engines)

  • Pierburg boasts various types of throttle bodies for petrol engines in its range.

  • The product range extends from mechanical throttle bodies to fully electric “drive-by-wire” E-Gas throttle bodies.
  • Convincing product portfolio for many vehicle types.
  • Pierburg is one of the world’s leading suppliers for petrol engine applications.
  • Pierburg throttle bodies cannot be replaced by other suppliers.

Regulating throttles (for diesel engines)

  • For increasing the manifold vacuum and exactly metering the exhaust gas recirculation rate.
  • A well-rounded range of regulating throttles for diesel vehicles.
  • Pierburg is one of the top market leaders for European applications.
  • Pierburg regulating throttles cannot be replaced by other suppliers.
  • Increasing demand due to increasing numbers of newly registered diesel vehicles.
  • Essential component for regenerating the diesel particulate filter.
  • Other designations: diesel throttle, diesel throttle valve, prethrottle, throttle governor.