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Insert Thermostats

The insert is a conventional thermostat without a flange, where the housing supports the pin. The insert thermostat is an integral unit of the housing and cannot be used as a standalone unit. MotoRad high-quality inserts deliver reliability and long-lasting durability.


Thermostats play a critical role in maintaining the working temperature of the engine. The engine working temperature affects the efficiency of the combustion and the transfer of power, the consumption of fuel, the emission of pollutants and the life of the engine

Housing Thermostats

Housing thermostats are an integrated part that combines the thermostat and the housing. Thermostat housings are made of extremely high quality aluminium and plastic materials. Thermostats and thermostat inserts are integrated in the housings. All housings are fitted to the coolant system with pipe connections.

Wax Elements

MotoRad is a key supplier of wax elements, manufacturing 15 product types, mainly for OEMs and Tier-1 automotive suppliers. Wax elements (also known as pellets) are a key component of all standard engine thermostats, forming a miniature hydraulic system used to regulate coolant supply to a vehicle’s engine. The wax element’s central components are the piston/pin and expansion wax. As the engine heats up the expansion wax transforms from a solid to a liquid state, expanding by approximately 10-15%. The expanding wax element pushes the thermostat’s centre piston out, supplying coolant to the engine.

Map-Controlled Thermostats

Map-controlled thermostats enhance control of vehicle engine temperatures, which improves fuel consumption and reduces emission levels. These advanced thermostats, proven and on the market for more than two years, supplement the conventional thermostat. The wax expansion of the map-controlled thermostat can be triggered by an electrically controlled, integrated heating element that can be activated on demand.