Metal-elastomer Gaskets

Top performance. Safe and reliable.

The sealing system consists of a metal carrier with vulcanised elastomer profiles - to provide outstanding sealing action for highly stressed components and a long service life. It is particularly suitable for use in power-transmitting connections. Thanks to the use of modern die casting technology it is also possible to connect different materials to the carrier (metal/plastic). The optimum sealing material can thus be employed for every medium concerned.

For example:

  • Oil pump gasket
  • Heat exchanger gasket
  • Timing case gasket
  • Thermostat gasket

  1. Elastomer sealing lips

    These are responsible for providing a coolant and oil seal. The material and geometry are adapted to each particular engine.

  2. Carrier layer

    Together with the combustion chamber bead, this determines the installation thickness and the gas seal. Use is made of corrosion-proof steels, micro-alloyed steels, stainless steel or spring steel depending on engine requirements.

  3. Combustion chamber base layer 

    The combustion chamber base layer is a design element which serves to increase the sealing pressure at the combustion chamber. The bolt force is thus transferred to the combustion chamber in a controlled manner.

  4. Full Bead

    This creates homogeneous sealing pressure along the edge of the combustion chamber.

  5. Diaphragm

    The flow cross-sections can be regulated by way of vulcanised diaphragms to control the coolant flow.