Mass airflow sensors

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Mass Airflow Sensors

A growing focus on reducing CO2 emissions means that mass airflow sensors are becoming increasingly important in ensuring the optimum air fuel ratio.
Mass airflow sensors are positioned directly after the air filter in the intake manifold and supply information on temperature, humidity and intake air volume. Despite their highly compact construction they feature precision technology to capture information, which – together with other engine data – enables optimum engine management.
This data includes:
  • Intake air temperature
  • Intake air humidity
  • Intake air volume

In gasoline engines, mass airflow measurement is used in conjunction with other sensor readings to regulate the supply of fuel to the engine.

In diesel engines, mass airflow sensors are used to regulate the exhaust gas recirculation rate and calculate the maximum injection quantity.

Our mass airflow sensors are exceptionally reliable and highly capable of withstanding environmental factors. Their dynamic measurement ability makes an important contribution to reducing vehicle emissions.