Washer pumps

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Screen Washer Pumps – Mono Pumps

Mono pumps have one outlet and supply the front or rear screen with water. Two pumps are needed to supply both screens.


Screen Washer Pumps – Dual Pumps

Dual pumps can output fluid in two directions. By using just one pump, washer fluid is pumped through one (or both) of the outlets to the front or rear screen.


Headlight Washer Pumps (Mono Pumps)

Headlight washer pumps are used for headlight lens cleaning.

They supply the headlight lens washer nozzles with a corresponding amount of water and provide the high water pressure needed for this application.


Washer Nozzles

Washer nozzles deliver water for cleaning front and rear windshields, and headlights. Some nozzles have an anti-drain valve to prevent a return flow of fluid.