Products for exhaust gas and temperature management

The varying applications and divergent technologies of the internal combustion engine call for thermostats featuring different operating characteristics and modes of operation. For this reason, the BorgWarner thermostat program covers a remarkably broad performance range.

Thermostat Inserts

With their accurate coolant control, these rugged and maintenance-free devices are based on the operating principle developed by BorgWarner, and have stood the test of time for several decades.


Integrated Thermostats

Comprised of insert and housing, these modules are fully integrated into the engine.

Electrically Heated Thermostats

Characterized by a broader working range, they adjust the internal engine temperature as needed in response to control signals from engine management. Because these devices contribute to reducing fuel consumption, they may be deserving of the attribute “environmentally friendly”.


Map-Controlled Sleeve Valve Thermostats

Controlled by engine management independent of temperature, these thermostats facilitate variable control of the valve opening. They also aid in reducing fuel consumption, helping to conserve precious environmental resources.