The specialist for Diesel cold start technology

Based in Ludwigsburg, Beru is the world's leading supplier of Diesel Cold-Start Technology and ranks among the leading suppliers in Europe of Ignition Technology for Petrol engines. In its third and newest division, Beru has combined electronics and sensor technology.

Founded in 1912 Beru started to produce its first Spark Plug In 1929 Beru developed the first Glow Plug for Diesel engines In 1975 the First Instant start Glow Plug.

Beru is the partner of the automotive industry for ignition technology for petrol engines and for cold-start technology for diesel engines. Beru are guided by nearly 100 years of technological experience and their will to innovate. The integration of electronics strengthens their position as a technology leader. Beru is a future-oriented and value-focused company, Beru hold a leading position as a specialist for ignition technology, diesel cold-start technology and electronics and sensor technology. Their modern technology aim is to enhance individual mobility and safety. The environment is one of their most important considerations, and it goes without saying that their products meet the high quality standards that you rightly expect of them.

Beru AG - BorgWarner BERU Systems Gmbh

On the 14th December 2009 BERU AG officially changed its corporate form to a limited liability company (GmbH). In the context of this change, the company's name was also altered: The company now operates as "BorgWarner BERU Systems GmbH". The new name expresses the relationship to the US parent company, BorgWarner, while retaining the valuable brand name, "BERU".

BorgWarner became a majority shareholder of BERU AG at the beginning of 2005, acquiring an equity interest of nearly 70%. The two automotive suppliers' collaboration was intensified when BorgWarner ownership exceeded the 75% threshold at the end of 2007, and the companies concluded a domination and profit transfer agreement in 2008. Full integration followed, and BERU's stock-exchange listing was discontinued in 2009.