Piston ring sets

Supplier of products in and around the engine

KS Kolbenschmidt piston ring sets are an important component for reconditioning engines. For intermediate reconditioning of engines with liners we recommend to check further usability of the pistons and to replace the piston rings and cylinder liners. This ensures run-in of the piston rings with the sliding surface of the cylinder liner.

In general, a distinction is made between compression rings, scraper rings and oil control rings. They all have the primary task to seal off combustion chamber and crankcase against each other. The compression rings are to prevent combustion gases from getting into the crankcase from the combustion chamber. Scraper rings combine the function of the compression rings and the oil control rings; so in essence they keep combustion gases away from the crankcase and wipe off excess oil on the cylinder wall.

The task of the oil control rings is to scrape off the excess oil from the cylinder wall  to limit and to limit entry of the lubricating oil into the
combustion chamber as much as possible. The aim is to achieve low oil consumption  an sufficient lubrication of moving parts and at the same time entry of gas as little as possible.

Another important task of the rings is the conduction of a proportion of the piston heat to the cooled cylinder wall. The first ring is responsible for the main proportion, the following rings take a smaller proportion. Inertial and gas forces as well as high temperatures
make high technical demands on the piston rings. An optimum service life
and compliance with exhaust gas legislation can only be achieved through
accurate adaptation to the respective engine.