Spark Plugs

A leading spark plug technology

Combining BERU’s automotive and non-automotive knowledge and outstanding technology, BERU offers an excellent quality range of spark plugs.

Expect your engine to achieve great performance in terms of power, fuel consumption and emissions. 


Ultra Spark Plugs

Discover BERU Ultra Spark Plugs, our iridium-based, platinum-based and copper-based centre electrode spark plug. These are recognised as an excellent spark plug technology available on the market today with a number of references often used as OEM for a variety of engines and applications.


Ultra Plus Titan

With its 18 references, the BERU Ultra Plus Titan Spark Plugs short range is a technologically advanced solution for the vast majority of the EU car parc.


Gas Engines

Specialty spark plugs for stationary gas operated industrial engines: BERU delivers a reliable, long-lasting spark plug for various applications.



Two-stroke operation and old engines place special demands on the spark plug. It must be the robust: Meet BERU’s robust Spark Plug.