Metaloflex™ CHG Technology

Safety in all situations. 

Metaloflex™ from ElringKlinger is the internationally acknowledged brand name for innovative metal layer cylinder-head gaskets made of beaded, elastomer-coated spring steel layers. Metaloflex™ gaskets may be of single or multi-layer design depending on the application. Thanks to the modular design elements, this sealing system can be individually adapted to suit the requirements of the specific engine. This technology avoids the need for time-consuming, costly iterative processes whilst guaranteeing maximum engine design flexibility.

  1. Coating

    A highly effective sealing system based on elastomer-coated and non-coated metallic substrates.

  2. Half bead

    Half beads generate two-line compression. They provide a seal along the coolant and engine oil passages, along the bolt holes, and all around the outer gasket contour.

  3. Metal Carier

    Thanks to the wide range of options available when it comes to combining metallic substrates with elastomer material, this product can be adapted to virtually any area of application in the engine, transmission, exhaust tract, and auxiliary units.

The technical superiority of the metal layer cylinder-head gasket comes to the fore particularly with high-performance spark ignition engines and diesel engines with direct injection. Nowadays, this sealing system is indisputably the best alternative for passenger cars throughout the world. Thanks to Metaloflex™ technology, ElringKlinger is the world's leading manufacturer of metal layer cylinder-head gaskets.