Metaloseal™ Gaskets

The uncompromising sealing system.

Metaloseal™ from ElringKlinger is a highly effective single and multi-layer sealing system based on elastomer-coated and non-coated metal carrier materials. The wide variety of combinations of different metallic carrier and elastomer materials available means that sealing is possible at virtually every location in the engine. Embossed beads enable the carrier material properties to be ideally matched to the sealing assembly. The clear definition of sealing tasks is a particular strength of this multi-function sealing system.

  1. Full bead

    The additionally coined beads can be used to optimally match the properties of the carrier material to the sealing system. The beads reduce the sealing pressure to a line compression. This helps achieve higher sealing pressures at constant bolt force, or vice versa a lower bolt force is used at constant sealing pressures

  2. Carrier

    The variety of combinations between metallic carrier materials and elastomer materials can cover almost all application locations in engine, transmission, exhaust system, and auxiliary aggregates.

  3. Coating

    A highly efficient sealing system based on elastomer-coated and uncoated metal carrier materials.


Metaloseal™ - deep drawn part with integrated gasket.

A flexible combination of the parameters metal carrier, coating and bead permits adaptation of the Metaloseal™ sealing system to the specified requirements.